Star Office

La suite bureautique compatible Windows de Sun

StarOffice se distingue non seulement par sa gratuité mais aussi par une intégration très poussée. Contrairement aux autres suites, elle ne s'adapte pas à Windows mais l'intègre.

StarOffice software is a full-featured office productivity suite, available for Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft Windows.
It has the functionality breadth, and depth you need to accomplish their day-to-day tasks quickly, efficiently and with great results.
Core areas such as ease of use, performance, and seamless interoperability with Microsoft Office 97/2000 have seen great improvements over previous editions of StarOffice Sofware. StarOffice software is the perfect solution for individuals, small businesses, educational institutions, and heterogeneous enterprises that need all the functionality of a full-featured office productivity suite but either don't have a single platform environment or don't have the financial resources to afford upgrading to a new suite every year or two.

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